Saturday, June 12, 2010

Kanjorski's Economy And His Unsupportable Assessments

On the heels of self-absorbed comments made by Kanjo strummin his banjo about the economy being the best of all mankind the Wall Street Journal writes today that consumers tightened their spending habits indicating that the economy is not on the road to recovery as potrayed by those in the Obama administration and its supporters.

Americans unexpectedly ratcheted back spending on everything from cars to clothing in May, adding to concerns that a volatile stock market and high unemployment are weighing down the economic recovery.

The Commerce Department reported Friday that sales at retail establishments—including department stores, gas stations and restaurants—fell 1.2% in May from April. The decline, driven by sharp drops in autos and building materials, was the first since September 2009, when sales fell 2.2%.

We all know that Kanjorski is the type to stretch the facts so the people can eat it up. "We are helluva alot better off as a country and as an economy than we have ever been in the history of mankind." He has the balls to say this in the face of double digit unemployment reaching Pennsylvania.

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