Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Kanjorski Ignores Veterans

In 2008 Ed Mitchell produced this commercial for Paul Kanjorski- Paul Kanjorski Stands Up for Veterans. He intentionally misled the public about the closing of the VA Hospital in Wilkes Barre in that commercial. It was never on the close list. The announcer ends the commercial by stating "Paul Kanjorski stands up for veterans". My father is buried in a national cemetary for his service to America. I'll be damned if I will let him or Mitchell get away with misleading veterans or toy with their emotions.

In January, 2009, the month Kanjorski assumed his next term in office, veterans asked for Paul Kanjorski's support on H.R. 333 Diabled Veterans Tax Termination Act- To amend title 10, United States Code, to permit retired members of the Armed Forces who have a service-connected disability rated less than 50 percent to receive concurrent payment of both retired pay and veterans' disability compensation, to eliminate the phase-in period for concurrent receipt, to extend eligibility for concurrent receipt to chapter 61 disability retirees with less than 20 years of service, and for other purposes.
It was even introduced in the previous session of Congress. Did veterans get Paul Kanjorski's support?

Nada, rien, ingenting, niets, niente, nichts, okay nothing.. But Kanjorski will tell you that he is willing to compromise his integrity to stretch the facts to win an election. The bill went nowhere. It didn't take two months for Kanjorski to renege on his promise to stand up for veterans. What does Veteran's Day really mean to Paul Kanjorski?

In fact there are four veteran's bills on this page and Kanjorski is only listed on one. Is that a record where he "stands up for veterans"???

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