Friday, June 25, 2010

More On Kanjorski's Distasteful Remarks Regarding the Indigent

Start watching this full clip on Congressman Paul Kanjorski's comments and see how he not only disrespected the poor up front but continued his insenstive remarks. At 3:38 he states "It's not a cure all for everything, it's not taking care of the the useless, the wasteful, the imprudent, it's taking care of Americans that got in hard times, so many of em today, our population is 10% unemployed".

So the less fortunate are useless, wasteful, or imprudent while those who lost their jobs only fell on hard times. What an absolute moron.

Paul Kanjorski, you should be acutely aware that those born into poverty aren't useless, wasteful, or imprudent. Families on welfare must contend with a nationwide lack of affordable housing, a lack of jobs that pay a living wage, the difficulty finding child care, as well as increasingly rigid requirements for recipients of public aid. To imply otherwise is just plain irresponsible.


Gort said...

Such BS.

Kanjo fumbled his comments but he was addressing the Rush et al nonsense that the mortgage crises was caused by banks lending money to black people.

McGruff said...

No more bullshit than the fact everyone says Lou Barletta hates brown people but his family had a huge track record of employing minorities when they had their own construction business. And no more bs that him saying it's "only 3 lousy billion dollars" to pay for his idea. No more bs that all the off stated comments he has made in the last two years.

Who's dishing out the BS when Kanjorski says "this is the best economy of all mankind"? When he said "but I'll tell you I don't like living around extreme poverty" when making his case that he is rich was that more bs?

Was it insensitive for Kanjorski to tag Republicans with his mockery by using and describing those in poverty? His inflammatory rhetoric mocking his colleagues got him into trouble, plain and simple.

I don't care what Kanjorski did 40 years ago. The race is now not then.

Why don't the liberals acknowledge the hiring of minorities by the Bareltta family? Do they know how many children rode for free at Angela Park, owned by the Barletta family, because they didn't have the money? Do they know how much money or the provision of inkind contributions the Barletta family donated over the years to needy charities and families?

Why don't they acknowledge Lou's personal donation of property he owned to a local charity that services disadvantaged children including the colors of all skin to place a handicapped oriented playground?

Is it because the liberals have been getting away with their bs for too long? Sorry my friend on this we will agree to disagree.

Mitchell and Kanjorski have been getting their way too long in the media pressroom from this area.

The banks failed because they made bad loans to underfunded people of all skin colors. Inflated appraisals and over stated incomes were part of the mess.

Kanjorski is touting his too big to fail amendment which is more bs. The banks it is aimed at climbed from 56% of the business pre economic tsunami to 59% of the business now. The latest reform leaves out his two pet benefactors, Fannie and Freddie, who control over 50% of the mortgages in this country. Before its all over it is estimated the taxpayers will have to fork over $400 billion to correct their act. And that is not bs but fact.