Thursday, June 3, 2010

New Juvenile Issue Hits Luzerne County

Wilkes Barre Attorney James Hayward announce he intends to file lawsuit on behalf of 25 parents against Luzerne County Children and Youth according to Terrie Morgan-Besecker at the Times Leader.

James Hayward of Wilkes-Barre said the lawsuit will be a wide-ranging indictment of Children and Youth that will rival the egregiousness of the allegations contained in the “kids-for-cash” lawsuits involving former county Judge Mark Ciavarella’s placement of juveniles in detention centers.

“It’s just like the ‘kids-for-cash’ case again,” Hayward said. “Everyone knew what Ciavarella was doing and didn’t do anything about it. Well, they all know what Children and Youth is doing and they’re not doing anything about it.”

In this previous article about the juvenile scandal in Luzerne County there is an interesting comment from a reader.

Kim said...

Luzerne County Children and Youth is a joke! My nephew was living with a convicted child sex offender and DID NOTHING TO RESCUE THIS CHILD FROM A PERVERT! More children suffer because of children and youth than are saved

An internet search produced a case from 2005 where Judge Vanaskie ruled on the claims of alleged Fourth Amendment violations in favor of Luzerne County Children and Youth workers. Here is another interesting case heard before Judge Caputo where the rulings were mixed.

For those so inclined here is a partial list of court cases pending involving Luzerne County Children and Youth Services.


Anonymous said...

Supervisor Joanne Van Saun is the one who calls the shots over there, not the spineless directors Frank Castano or Joan Salla. Strike the shepherd and the sheep will scatter!

Anonymous said...

They knew about kids for cash, they had to have known since it was going on for years. Their mission is to protect the rights and interests of children, and they are not doing that at all. They are nothing but a bunch of criminals over there. They don't care at all about families or children, all they care about is their bottom line. That agency is so corrupt and worthless it's not even funny. The taxpayers are paying for them to ruin the lives of children and families in our community. Blessings and kudos to Jim Hayward and the legions of families and children who suffered at the hands of that wretched hive of scum and villainy, that pariah agency. But now is our time to strike back. That pathetic, good-for-nothing agency should be shut down! We are justified and We shall prevail!

Anonymous said...

"I can do whatever I want to whoever I want..."
~Joanne Van Saun
Corrupt social service coordinator at Luzerne County Children & Youth

Anonymous said...

They're all in on it, that whole agency is corrupt, shysters all of them. I agree that van saun is a kind of ringleader at CYS. How do you know so much? They are unethical, abusive, incompetent and a terrible menace to this community. I read through the comment thread at the end of the article, the one that came out in the Citizens Voice in June 2010. There were many comments by families and clients of Luzerne County Children & Youth, I think it was like 80 or more. I noticed something very significant: there was NOT ONE client past or present that came forward to defend the agency, saying anything along the lines of "Thank you Luzerne County C&Y, thanks for coming into my life and making it better; thanks to your intervention my family is better off, you turned my life around"; I found nothing like that: only anger, bitterness and resentment. There were some shyster caseworkers and social wreckers that came forward trying to defend the agency with their lies and hyprocrisy, but that's about it. That goes to show that they are not doing their job at all. Instead of alleviating social problems and working to improve the lives in their community (which is the job of all quality family agencies), they are exacerbating them, making them worse. People have been hurt, abused and have even died at their hands. Everything Luzerne County Children & Youth touches turns bad. They are diseased: and everyone with whom they come into contact with catches the disease, whether it's families, the children they claim to "protect" and colleages alike. Quality caseworkers are resigning in droves due to the hostile environment they have to work in. I have also spoken with some of the children that are in their care, who grew up in their corrupt and treacherous system, and their lives are ruined beyond repair. And they do nothing about it, except ridicule the child for having long term needs, instead of addressing them. Bottom line: Luzerne County Children & Youth is like a social cancer. They aren't quality social workers they are professional social wreckers, shysters, gangsters, they're like a gang over there but it's only worse because they are a state funded gang. The horrible influence they have on this community as a whole, it's disgusting. It's so sad. And yes, Kids For Cash: that's what they're all about over there. That agency and their influence on this community is evil, and will continue to be dealt with accordingly for their crimes. They're never gonna see or hear the end of it and this is just the beginning.

Anonymous said...

Luzerne County Children & Youth+Luzerne County Courthouse-your counstitutional rights under law=YOUR Kids For Cash!!