Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Budget -Another Day Closer And Deeper In Debt

It's another year in the life of Pennsylvania and it's the same old song. We won't have a budget passed on time. Lack of leadership to reach across the aisle and convince all to do what is right for Pennsylvania seems to be a character flaw in Harrisburg. In today's Times Leader Andrew Seder informs us that meeting a deadline imposed by Harrisburg lawmkers upon themselves is nearly impossible at this point. Gov. Rendell's legacy will point to a record of never getting a budget passed on time during his tenure.

With the November election five months away and with voter anger still simmering from last year’s 101-day budget impasse, state legislators are trying to balance the fine line of fiscal responsibility and political expediency as they try to approve a state budget before Wednesday’s 11:59 p.m. deadline.

That deadline, said some local legislators, will not be made. But there’s no way the stalemate will last 101 days and probably not even 10 days.

If these solons were employed in the private sector and missed their deadline year after year there would be so many pink slips issued with justification. Maybe the voters should keep that in mind come November.

Speaking of lack of leadership House Majority Leader Todd Eachus must have a problem facing the public or a severe case of political laryngitis. In this article he had David Georges, a campaign spokesperson, speak for him. In this article which appeared in the Allentown Call June 17th about the budget Brett Marcy responded as spokesman for House Majority Leader Todd Eachus. If Eachus could talk for himself he could save taxpayers alot of money. It seems almost a flagrant abuse of power that a campaign spokesperson would be responding to a legislative issue when there is a legislative staff specifically hired to do just that.

To make my point read the Times Leader article. Rep. John Yudichak who will go on to be a Pennsylvania Senator this November,(yes I am calling it now) doesn't hide behind spokespeople. It points to the reason Yudichak won his primary so handily. He's a hands on people person. Mr. Eachus is the type who talks down to his constituents, that is when he is willing to face them one on one.

Karen Boback is quoted in the article, heck even Senator Bob Mellow was out front and center.

But the coup de tat behind the scenes is the fact that when the stimulus money disappears Pennsylvania's budget will be between $4 billion to 5 billion in the hole according to Senator Dominic Pileggi. Unless spending is decreased taxes are going to rise for all of us.

The Democratic leadership politicians in Harrisburg have to get serious about decreasing spending. With the impending pension funding crisis upon us it is time for their culture to change and in a severe way. Taxpayers can no longer support a legislative staff that is only there for political purposes.

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