Tuesday, June 1, 2010

So What Is Barack Obama's Excuse For BP Oil Spill?

Kanye West said "George Bush doesn't about black people" in response to Hurricane Katrina and Louisiana. Where is the outrage for Barack Obama's lack of attention in the BP Oil Spill?

Bush's response.

It's easy to go to the basement and call someone a racist or bigot. Rarely does someone truly earn that title in the manner George Wallace did.

I draw the line in the dust and toss the gauntlet before the feet of tyranny . . . and I say . . . segregation today . . . segregation tomorrow . . . segregation forever.

Is there something lost in today's immigration battle where people call it racism and bigotry when people in office want to enforce the immigration rules? Nowhere in today's debate is the topic of segregation even mentioned.

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