Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Paul Kanjorski Claiming Economy The Best Of All Mankind

IS HE FOR REAL???? Here is today's newspaper headlines.

"We are helluva alot better off as a country and as an economy than we have ever been in the history of mankind"  His words clearly demonstrate that he is out of touch with what is going on in his district.

When he won his election to Congress in 1984 he made the same claim about Congressman Frank Harrision whom he defeated. It was time to retire Harrision and now it is time to retire Kanjorski. In this document from Ed Mitchell's website Roderick Random's column from 2006 recalls the race.

Back then, 1984, the 11th Congressional District’s heart was Luzerne County and didn’t include any of Lackawanna County. So the story of how Mr. Kanjorski took out a freshman congressman and Democratic rising star named Frank Harrison is worth re-telling here.

It was the days of giardiasis, the flu-like disease instigated by a tiny cyst.

As thousands boiled water to kill cysts in it, Mr. Harrison took “junkets” to Costa Rica and other exotic places, Mr. Mitchell’s research found. Mr. Harrison’s spokesman repeatedly made the point that things were well in hand here, but Mr. Mitchell fashioned a television commercial that altered local political history. It portrayed Mr. Harrison as having a non-chalant attitude about the cysts, coupling video of jets landing in tropical locales, narration pointing up the congressman’s inaction and a final scene with a kettle shooting steam on a stove.

“It’s enough to make you boil,” a narrator said as the commercial ended.

The commercial is a big part of why Mr. Kanjorski is a congressman today. When he drove up Wednesday morning from Washington, it was a sign he remembered the political lesson he inflicted on Mr. Harrison.

Ed, look what my research is finding. The mistake your client, Paul Kanjorski, is making lies in the fact that inflicting a political lesson is one thing...learning from the infliction is another. You're Outta Touch, Paul

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