Monday, June 7, 2010

Governor Rendell's Legacy Project Exposed

In this story from the Philadelphia Inquirer Governor Rendell has rescinded a contract designed to immortalize his poltical legacy that was being paid with our hard earned money. The Inquirer first broke the story on June 5, 2010by Angela Couloumbis.

Gov. Rendell said he will rescind the $30,000 contract his administration awarded to public relations expert Kevin Feeley, saying it is inappropriate for taxpayers to be paying for the publicity work.

Rendell said he will ask Feeley to return the $10,000 the state had paid him so far for the so-called legacy project. The project, which The Inquirer first reported last week, calls for amassing personal stories from residents to illustrate how Rendell's policies and programs have helped them.

The governor said he will pay Feeley with campaign funds.

"Anything else is inappropriate," he said.

Contrast that action with those of House Majority Leader Todd Eachus and his incumbent protection program paid for with our tax dollars.

...this information can be used to demonstrate how much better Pennsylvania fared as a result of our refusal to settle for the provisions of the Republican plan, S.B. 850.
If that statement isn't a political one for the Pennsylvania House Democratic Caucus then there's a need for pockets in a dead man's coat. This program should have been paid for with House Democratic Campaign Committee money, not Pennsylvania taxpayer dollars. No wonder we are running a $1.2 billion deficit.

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