Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Feds Request Mellow Rental Documents

From LuLac Political Letter

Feds Request Mellow Rental Documents In Ongoing Investigation

Let's see. So far there are no comments but we know the Feds raided his home and senatorial office, the home of his aide, and now request documents related to the renting of his office.

It reminds me of a situation that occurred in 1989. Midway through his 1989 trial, Judge Arthur Dalessandro plead guilty to attempted tax evasion and was later sentenced to one year in federal prison. He was getting divorced at the time and there were rumors his wife, Florence, had something to do with contacting the feds.

Mr. Kulick, 60, of Bear Creek Twp, is a former aide to the late U.S. Rep. Daniel J. Flood. In 1988, he was sentenced to two years in prison in an income tax evasion investigation that also resulted in a one-year prison sentence for then-Luzerne County Judge Arthur D. Dalessandro. Judge Dalessandro failed to report income from a car dealership where Mr. Kulick was general manager, federal prosecutors charged.

Oddly enough it was former Judge Mark Ciavarella who defended Dalessandro in a federal lawsuit brought by the Internal Revenue Service in 1993 to collect $186,899.17 in unpaid taxes plus interest and penalties.

What a small community of misfits if you ask me. Disclaimer- Mellow denies any wrong doing. Advice- Never piss off a woman who wants to become your ex.

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