Thursday, June 17, 2010

Mohegan Sun Owners Receive $54 Million In Stimulus Funds

In a shocking story on it has been revealed that the politically connected Mohegan Sun tribe which owns casinos including the Mohegan Sun at Pocono Downs in Wilkes Barre Township received $54 million in stimulus money courtesy of Senator Chris Dodd of Connecticut.

The tribe runs the sprawling Mohegan Sun casino, halfway between New York City and Boston, which earned more than $1.3 billion in gross revenues in 2009. Each tribe member receives a cut of the profits, a number a tribal official said was "less than $30,000" per capita per year.

The stimulus money is a loan from a U.S. Department of Agriculture rural development program that is meant to help communities of less than 20,000 people that have been "unable to obtain other credit at reasonable rates and terms and are unable to finance the proposed project from their own resources."

In fiscal 2009, $53.6 million in casino profits went into the coffers of the Mohegan tribe, which uses the money to fund college scholarships, housing and health care.

American Indian tribes have received about $2 billion in stimulus loans and grants since the passage of the Recovery Act. The money received, by law, cannot be used for casinos or gambling projects, and is intended to revitalize Native American communities. There are currently 564 federally recognized tribes, and about 300 Indian casinos.

Now that's typical of what one would expect from the Obama team. With Paul Kanjorski's support he was able to help a non-tax paying entity receive federal tax dollars while this area struggles for stimulus money.

How about a college scholarship for the non- Indians in your district, Paul?? What's that I can't hear you?

The Mohegan Sun sponsors race cars and our arena.  Why are they allowed such expenses when Obama's czars are limiting compensation at corporations?

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