Tuesday, June 22, 2010

It's Not My Fault- Eachus Skips Drama

Pennylvania's solons have been less than sensitve to citizens who are more sensitive to taxation than ever. More importantly the legislators' commitment to quality government is not their first priority. Unfortunatley the convictions of Michael Veon and Brett Cott demonstrate that incumbent protection and re-election are the main focus of the occupants of the seats within the Capitol Rotundra.

Witness the mentality of Mike Dawida to blame the media for the corruption in Harrisburg.

"So what has happened to seemingly reverse the requirement of ethical behavior by lawmakers and (as) a result put them on the chopping block by citizens weary of conflict and corruption? ... First and foremost is an alteration in the way the media covers Harrisburg ...," Mr. Dawida complains. The flow of information is not guided by any "wisdom, discretion or ethics," he laments.

"A 'herd' mentality rules that leads to the media overpublicizing a few of the most salacious items and under-reports all else. Another way of putting it is that there is no reward for good behavior developed by solid long term efforts. ...

"(N)ow only the sensational and scandalous get coverage and the thundering herd tramples the ground so thoroughly that the only thing the public learns is of little value."

If only the media would report all the good stuff that legislators do, there wouldn't be all that corruption, he effectively says. Thus, "Lawmakers being eminently practical follow the easier road to re-election.

In his miniscual mind he believes the media is responsible for the unacceptable behaviors in Harrisburg. Just this week I heard a story about Todd Eachus getting a ride in a "Ford" over his per diems. He claimed innocence and said his taking of per diems was legal. He forgets that he wrote the law and its provisions so no Todd, it was only legal because you and your fellow cronies devised the system that way. If you ask us as citizens who are more sensitive to taxation than ever stop the malarcky and get to work.

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