Friday, June 18, 2010

Veon and Rosepink Sentenced This Morning

Follow Tracey Mauriello's Twitter Tweets on the right column for up to date news on the sentencing of Anna Marie Peretta-Rosepink and former State Representative Michael Veon this morning. You can also find the Bonusgate Twitter here.

Anna Marie Peretta-Rosepink received 3-6 months in Dauphin County jail, followed by intermediate punishment(3 months house arrest) & probation. Also $8,000 in fines and $25,000 restitution. She has to prepare for a second court case she is involved in so Judge Lewis set bail at $25,000.00 pending appeal. She smiled after receiving her sentence. Brett Cott's previous sentencing had to weigh on her mind.

10:14 A.M. Veon Sentencing starting Veon Attorney Dan Raynak says he is going to take a little time.

You can read Mauriello's update story on Post Gazette here.

11:27 A.M. Judge Lewis says Veon will not get probation for "blatant criminal activity" and he state Veon abused power despite helping alot of people.

11:28 A.M. Veon receives 9-24 months on first count with 13 more counts to go

11:32 A.M. Halfway through counts and up to 28 months to 8 years

11:35 A.M. $37,000 fine, $100,000.00 restitution prison time 6 to 14 years.

Veon is denied bail and led out of the courtroom in handcuffs.

11:54 A.M. Veon led back into courtroom without cuffs for a vice hearing to see if Attorney Raynak from Arizona can represent him in another proceeding.

Mauriello's story on the Veon sentencing Post Gazette.

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