Thursday, June 24, 2010

Tax And Spend Democratic Leaders In Pennsylvania

In today's Times Leader article about the budget debate in Harrisburg Mark Scolforo of the Associated Press indicates that Pennsylvania's leaders are hopeful a budget will pass before July 1st.

However, when you read further in the article the insensitivity of Pennsylvania's Democratic leaders to the economy and the loss of jobs in the state lights up the night sky like fireworks on the fourth of July.

Democratic leaders in the House, where tax bills originate, have considered raising taxes on Marcellus shale natural gas extraction and tobacco products — and raising new money from other sources — but so far they have not been able to muster the votes for passage.

Their leaders said the latest budget proposal included a menu of possible revenue sources, but did not specify what was on the list.

Rendell and his cronies want to put education out in the forefront as the reason taxes need to be raised. In truth they don't want to deal with a government bloated with excess payroll to reduce spending which would help keep the line on taxation.

Well Alice it's bam, zip to the moon with taxation. One would think in an election year they would want taxpayers to say "How sweet it is" by keeping the line or lowering taxes. The "teflon dons" of Harrisburg believe they are immune from taxpayer retaliation.

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