Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Let's DeThrone The King of The Castille And New Antics On Gilligan's Island

In this editorial that appeared in the Philadelphia Inquirer the author calls for the resignation of Supreme Court Justice Ron Castille. It questions Castille's handling of the process to build a new Family Court and calls into question his ability to manage the state court system.

The latest revelation is that the double-dealing lawyer Castille paid to spearhead the project also represented the Foxwoods casino in cases before the state Supreme Court. That raises serious conflict-of-interest issues that undermine trust in the chief justice's impartiality surrounding legal matters.

It's amazing that Castille doesn't see a problem in hiring a lawyer to work for the courts, play golf with him, and then allow the same lawyer to appear before him in court. In a nutshell, that's why Castille should step aside.

The culprit(s) must be a serial drug placer. It seems like it didn't take long for someone to get bored and want to play "hide the drugs in the sheriff's vehicle" on Gilligan's Island according to the Times Leader.

Luzerne County Sheriff Joh.n Gilligan said drugs were found in a deputy’s vehicle Wednesday and the matter is being investigated by Wilkes-Barre City police

Gilligan said he received a call while he was in Hazleton Wednesday morning and he directed Chief County Detective Michael Dessoye to look into it. Dessoye recommended the matter be turned over to city police to avoid any conflict o interest.

“That’s all I know,” Gilligan said. “When we have more information, we will release it.”

District Attorney Jacqueline Musto Carroll said the report is being investigated by the city police department which has primary jurisdiction. She noted the county has no detectives that specializes in drug investigations.

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Anonymous said...

Good luck with the Wilkes-Barre PD, that is if they even show up...they're pathetic and couldn't find their way out of a paper bag. arent'these the same people who couldn't even find the missing money in Luzerne County's mailroom. Anyone else could have both these cases rapped up in a week. By the way...don't the Sheriffs even lock the doors to the vehicles? Don't they park them in an area with camera's..if not maybe someone should implement cameras and be done with this nonsense, it's been going on too long!