Friday, June 11, 2010

Rusty Fender Hopes To Solve BP's Oil Spill Dilemma

Wilk talk personality John Webster divulged this morning that traffic jockey Rusty Fender ka Dale Mikolaczyk has been contacted by BP with regards to their oil spill. Evidently BP has been taking suggestions on how to contain or stop the flow of oil. It was reported they received over 80,000 ideas in the outreach to the world for solutions.

Our own Rusty Fender who holds a masters degree in aerospace engineering submitted his idea and received a conference call back on it. Webster said the best part about Fender's idea is that it would only cost about $4,000.00 to manufacture. Let's see if this story makes mainstream media.

In addition to his many names – besides Dale and Rusty you can also call him Shadoe Steele, the name he uses as host of WKRZ’s long-running and wildly popular “Saturday Night at the Oldies” show – he also has many jobs.

He also teaches aerospace engineering and math at Wilkes University during the day before returning to the radio studio by 4 p.m. to do rush-hour traffic reports until 6.


Anonymous said...

I've been very impressed with "Rusty's" wide-ranging expertise for years. He once hosted a 60-minute WILK program exploring NEPA's potential as a geothermal energy powerhouse using the vast mine pool under our feet. This, along with Marcellus Shale, is a huge untapped energy resource. MS will someday play itself out, though, while our geothermal resource has unlimited renewability.

Anonymous said...

Anyone remember when this guy was arrested for shoplifting back in the late 80's? The station never did anything about it.
Now he's an "aerospace engineer" giving traffic reports still on the same radio station. I'm not sure I'd want to admit to that!