Monday, January 11, 2010

Hazleton Residents- The Why As To The Need To Look at The HCA Sale

Mayor Lou Barletta's Plan To Secure Hazleton's Future

What happened to Hazleton City's revenue vs. expenses since 2004 and how did the City arrive at its financial position? The slide presentation will prove it wasn't mismanagement as some detractors state. Adjusted Revenue vs. Expenses tells the whole story. Real estate tax down by over $250,000.00- how does one mismanage real estate tax? No growth in Mercantile Tax- how does one mismanage what is paid? Emergency Municipal Services Tax revenue down $225,758.00- again how does one mismanage what is paid in? Employee Insurance up over $417,401.00- every employer is facing the same challenge Salaries- Up over $1,255,372.00- one item, overtime, was over $254,000 in one year, mostly gang related investigations.

Get educated on the real story. The Standard Speaker should be reporting this story; the real question is why are they withholding it from its readers.

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