Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Veon Trying To Postpone Trial

In a clever manuever Michael Veon asked a judge for more time to sort through a mountain of records provided by AG Tom Corbett's office in his upcoming trial on charges related to the Bonusgate investigation. Mark Scloforo for the Associated Press wrote Veon's attorneys said they had to organize and understand about 67,000 documents, many provided by the attorney general's office in recent months.

"Even assuming every one of the 30,000 new documents were repeats, and the defense knows from their review they are not, it would require an individual working five days a week, reviewing almost 140 documents every single day to finish the review in a year," wrote Veon lawyer Joel S. Sansone in a motion to continue the trial. It is currently scheduled to begin Jan. 19.

Veon and three former House Democratic aides are accused of illegally diverting state workers and legislative resources for campaigning and other purposes. Seven co-defendants are expected to plead guilty Wednesday, and an eighth was acquitted of all charges last month

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