Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Mike Veon's Juror List Growing

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Tracie Mauriello of the Post-Gazette in Pittsburgh is covering the progress made in the Mike Veon "Bonusgate" corruption trial. In this story she tell us that 10 jurors have been picked so far.

HARRISBURG -- Four more jurors were picked this morning for the government corruption trial of former Beaver County state Rep. Mike Veon and three former aides, bringing the total to 10.

Selection continues this afternoon with the goal of finding two more jurors and at least four alternates.

All four defendants are former high-ranking officials or employees of the House Democratic caucus.

Of the 10 jurors selected so far, only one is a registered Democrat.

The defendants are Mr. Veon, 53, and his former aides Stephen Keefer, 39, of Fredericksburg; Annamarie Perretta-Rosepink, 47, of Beaver Falls; and Brett Cott, 37, of Harrisburg.

All are charged with theft, conspiracy and conflict of interest. Mr. Veon faces a total of 56 counts, Mr. Keefer 16 counts, Ms. Perretta-Rosepink 22 and Mr. Cott 42.

The defendants also are accused of using state equipment and state employees' time for political work. They are charged with multiple counts of theft, conflict of interest and conspiracy for allegedly using $1.3 million in public money and state resources to run political campaigns between 2001 and 2006.

Testimony is expected to begin Feb. 1 in Dauphin County Common Pleas Court.

Opps eight minutes ago Tracie tweeted

pgpolitweets 11th juror selected is an LPN at Hershey Medical Center. She is the 2nd Democrat seated. #bonusgate 8 minutes ago reply

Keep in mind that Tweets are updated at will so even this post may be behind. Enjoy.

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