Saturday, January 2, 2010

Chris Paige- On Democrats And The Constitution

Over at Gort's Blog the G man chronicles Chris Paige's confession from his political blog. The way I see it he better find a Democratic priest and ask for forgiveness. In his vicious attacks on Lou Barletta he makes the following statement:

Whether its taxes, government spending, the environment, or respect for the Constitution, Lou Barletta has ACTED like a Democrat, so just imagine what he'll do when he gets to Washington.

To all my Democratic friends..Did he just say that Democrats have a different respect for the Constitution than Republicans??? If so, then if I were him I would put down my political strategy playbook and start over.


Chris Paige said...

Dear Mr. Galko aka McGruff:

At this point, your allegations are unintentionally humorous.

Since the Democrats just finished supporting a patently unconstitutional healthcare bill and since their leadership literally - literally - laughed at suggestions that the Constitution might prevent them from imposing a mandate on individuals to purchase insurance, Democrats clearly have less respect for the Constitution than Republicans. That's supposed to be one of the defining differences between us. We believe in the 2nd Amendment, they don't. We believe in the 9th and 10th Amendments, they don't. We believe in federalism, they don't. We believe that the 14th Amendment protects the unborn, they don't. If you really think that D's and R's are equally like to violate Constitutional limits on government power, then there really is no difference between your candidate and Cong. Kanjorski.

I know you're desperate to get me out of the race before Hazleton's impending bankruptcy finishes off Barletta, but surely you can try a little harder?


Chris Paige

PS I don't dislike Mayor Barletta. To the contrary, I find him very personable and charming. In addition, he has advocated many sensible positions. That said, I simply despise what he did to advance his career at the expense of the poor and vulnerable, and I fear that he will do to America what he did to Hazleton. Furthermore, I have serious doubts regarding his competence, and it's my duty to point out that he lost millions for Hazleton's taxpayers through mathematical blunders, foolishness and a complete lack of due diligence.

McGruff said...

Chris, Chris, Chris,

Just a hint...when you are trying to court the Democratic vote...separate the voters from the Leadership...that might help next election after your defeat should you decide to take another stab at it.

McGruff said...
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McGruff said...
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McGruff said...


Give me your evidence for the last sentence of your post...and remember you specifically said Barletta lost the money...BTW so as not to lead to any speculation my last post posted three times so i removed two of them