Friday, January 22, 2010

Pennsylvania- Debt Disaster

An interactive at this site will glean the following information about the debt disaster in Pennsylvania:

Global Debt Crisis
#35 Pennsylvania
01.20.10, 06:00 PM EST

Forbes Debt Rating (out of 4 stars) **
Debt Per Capita $950
Unfunded Pensions Per Capita $9,825
Moocher Ratio2 54.4%
Moody's Rating Aa2
S&P Rating AA

Governor Edward Rendell
Gross State Product $435 bil
Population 12,500,000
Average annual net migration 12,600

Net tax-supported debt (2008) $11.8 bil
Debt as % of personal income 2.5%
Debt as % of Gross State Product 2.7%
State tax revenue (last 12-mos) $29.6 bil
State tax revenue change (last 12-mos) -7.5%
State and local general revenue (2007) $93 bil

Unemployment (2010) 9.7%
Job growth* 1.3%
Income growth* 1.6%
Gross State Product growth* 3.1%
Population growth* 0.1%

When are the voters going to wake up and throw out the persons in charge who caused this problem?

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