Tuesday, January 12, 2010

McCall Announces His Retirement After Eachus Announces Re-election Bid

Does anyone see the humor in that? They certainly weren't Bogie and BaCall but then again there was only one couple who can claim that relationship. They are more like Mr. Peabody and Sherman.

This headline probably sums up in words what most mainstream media are afraid to print.

Eachus’ aide and McCall’s chief counsel indicted
1, July 10, 2008 ·

"Horse with blinders" usually isn't a good defense for the top person in the office. In private industry the buck stops at the top not the bottom.

To be fair McCall's Chief Counsel was found not guilty. How many of you reading this blog have even been put into a situation where you were arrested or invited to tell your story before the grand jury?

Picture courtesy of PA Fraternal Order of Police Lodge No. 38

Beat's Macy's Parade doesn't it?


Anonymous said...

Humor yes

Anonymous said...


How to stop Corbett from Lying and misusing his chosen members of the Grand Juries.

We only have until March to make sure Corbett and the Republicans will not win by these tactics of smear and hate and underhanded use of Government Resources to persecute democrats.

Unions need to unite and use Volunteers to follow all OAG employees, and stop them from Campaigning.

This is the Democratic and American Way to stop the Corrupt Corbett Garbage Train.

We need to run new candidates everywhere and on every level from local committees, to state committees to legislators to senators every local, statewide, and federal offices.

The True Reform movement must trudge in the deep depths of cold-water trenches to find names for our Ballots by March of this year.

The HDCC better quit hiding from Corbett and start taking on Corbett, and if it does not we know some in the HDCC are glad they moved up as others were taken out by Corbett.

If the HDCC does not organize and strike back in the next ten days, we know we have been betrayed.

Part-Time No Show Up Legislators are not up for this job, better look for better Leadership.

Anonymous said...

CORBETT'S CAMPAIGN SLOGAN FOR 2010,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

In the words of Deputy Attorney General Frank Fina,,,,,," "There's no ledger for politics in the crimes code...."Literally, the direction is: There's the Crimes Code. If someone's violating it, put it before the grand jury and see where it goes,,,,,Anybody who violated the law is going to get it," Fina said.

So when is Bob Jubelirer, Jane Orie, Frank Dermody and Tom Corbett going to get it Frank???

All Campaign Directions are pointing bcak at Corbett and Friends?

Anonymous said...

I agree, it is time to set up a Campaign now to make Democrats run for Office and be able to by March to stop the crimes Corbett is doing.

We do need a Campaign to follow Corbett like Kenneth Starr was followed when he tried to frame Bill Clinton.

We also need a Federal Investigation on the Corbett Grand Juries and how they were full of errors for political purposes?

I agree with many of the proposals listed here.

Anonymous said...

Beware of the Smoke Screens and the Wizards behind the Curtains at Strawberry Square.

They only have to hold out until the first week of March because this is ACTUALLY WHEN THE ELECTION IS OVER.

Why? I will answer it with Questions First!

When are the Reformers going to take action?

Where are all the Candidates?


Corbett knows Pennsylvania is full of Arm-Chaired Reformers!

Corbett knows by that time, if people are not on the ballot, they cannot win.

Thus, the Democrats need to make sure good Candidates run unafraid of Corbett's Fascism Tactics making fear into every candidate.

If Democrats even those indicted stand up and Run for Office they will upset Corbett and his OAG Minions with sour stomachs.

A Public Campaign needs to be organized to follow AG Corbett everywhere and at all Campaign Stops protesting him and his Lying Grand Jury Violations of ABA and Pennsylvania Professional Ethics.

A Public Campaign needs to wage a campaign on forcing Corbett's Resignation by showing Corbett's own violations of Election Laws on State Time.

Legislation needs to be introduce that future Attorney Generals cannot run for Governor while in Office too.

Corbett's complicity with Asher, Jubelirer and Mike Long need to known throughout Pennsylvania with a Public Campaign for his Resignation.