Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Quite An Indicitment Government's Failure Of Promise To Protect The People

Skrepenak pleads gulity

Jail Guard Charged With DUI Suspended

County Solicitor Investigating Gun Sale Involving Sheriff's Office

Juvenile Cases In Corruption Case Will Not Be Retried

Tweety Bird At The Bonusgate Trial Okayed

Two Luzerne County Prison employees to be laid off

Bonner resigns, Bellas, Emanski plead guilty. And Barack Obama handed out a $25 million no-bid contract for Afghanistan to one of his huge contributors.

Business too big to fail??? Hey Paul Kanjorski how about government that has and is continuing to fail us.

Paulie Boy, how many more jobs in this country than two years ago. Your senority impresses me. 10% unemployment, $1.4 trillion in debt and we need to send you back....WHY?????

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