Monday, January 4, 2010

Eachus Headed For Trouble??

While Steve Mocarsky was writing a bio on Todd Eachus's career over at the Times Leader Brad Bumsted was opining on whether Eachus was in AG Tom Corbett's cross hairs. I guess authors see things differently on each side of the state.

To be fair Mocarsky did write about Eachus's silence over the corruption investigation. Judging from the comments neither Eachus nor Professor Baldino have any fan clubs.

Baldino's comment:

“If Eachus was a serious player or integral as to what was going on, why wasn’t he identified when (former state Rep. Mike) Veon and the others were announced as major defendants? It’s curious to me why Eachus’ name is just coming out now,” Baldino said.

Evidently no one told Baldino about Michael Veon's Motion To Dismiss based on selective prosecution last year that highlighted volumes of emails about Eachus and Bonusgate. devoted a whole post to this subject in August, 2009.

Baldino's claim of ignorance earned him the top spot in CasablancaPa's post today. Maybe Mocarsky can refer to him as "NEPA Nimby" Tom Baldino.

Baldino made the same righteous claims about former Senator, now convicted felon Vincent Fumo this year.

"If Fumo is convicted, it makes you wonder how many other senators knew of it, or minimally used staff in the same way," said Baldino, who, like Fumo, grew up in South Philadelphia. "It raises doubts of why someone didn't say anything about this behavior of Fumo." Then again maybe Mocarsky can refer to him as Ostrich Tom Baldino.

Last year when the Luzerne County corruption scandal hit the news Eachus withdrew his support for the cargo airport proposed by one of the actors, Robert Powell.

"It is clear to me that all the questions need to be answered of the individuals surrounding the project. I'm going to suspend my support until all the questions are answered,"

Mr. Eachus, did you ever ask get an answer to your questions?? More importantly can you enlighten the public with the dates and times you asked those questions? Or is it that you don't want any questions asked because John Q. won't like the answers?

Could there be two investigations going on at once?? Just wondering.

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