Sunday, January 24, 2010

If I Were Todd Eachus's Handlers This Press Release Would Never Happen

SOP has been very vocal about Todd Eachus's lack of support to help Hazleton and his constituents as part of his partisan politics, not unlike what happens in Harrisburg.

Witness this press release and its wording:

Eachus: Hazleton to receive more than $22,000 in recycling grants

"Hazleton's recycling program is extremely valuable in protecting our environment and keeping our communities healthy and vibrant," Eachus said. "But recycling programs also provide a boost to our local, regional and state economies, contributing thousands of jobs and millions of dollars in economic impact."

In addition to the environmental impact of recycling programs, Eachus said this grant program promotes the growth of recycling in the state, as well as the economic impact the recycling industry provides to the Commonwealth. Pennsylvania’s recycling industry includes more than 3,200 recycling and reuse businesses, and generates $18.4 billion in gross annual sales. It provides jobs for more than 81,000 people statewide.

Eachus said the recycling performance grant was awarded based on Hazleton's population and the total tons of material recycled in 2007. According to the DEP, Hazleton recycled more than 1,600 tons or material last year, which is an increase of more than 60 tons from 2006.

He admits the grant was due to the efforts of Hazleton's compliance. By Eachus's own admission this grant didn't reach Hazleton because of his efforts. He has failed Hazleton due to his partisan politics. He has failed seniors. He has failed the 116th district. His supposed leadership failed to bring a budget on time. It is time he resigns and apologizes to the voters in the 116th. It is time he admits his failures. It is time, Todd.

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