Thursday, January 7, 2010

Seven Plead Guilty To Charges Leveled By AG Corbett In Bonusgate

Post-Gazette Harrisburg Bureau reporter Tracie Mauriello is reporting that seven defendants in the Bonusgate/corruption investigation by AG Tom Corbett plead guilty yesterday.

Rachel Manzo- former employee of Todd Eachus

Michael Manzo- former chief of staff to state Rep. Bill DeWeese

Scott Brubaker- the former director of staffing and administration for the House Democratic caucus

Jennifer Brubaker- former director of the Democratic Office of Research

Earl Mosley- a former personnel director

Patrick "P.J." Lavelle- a former research analyst aka political campaign fund raiser

Jeff Foreman- former chief counsel to Majority Whip Keith McCall

To grasp the greed that goes on in Harrisburg take a look at the salaries paid to 33 House staffers alone in 2007 that exceeded $100,000 per year. Many are on the list of quilty pleas.

Micahel Manzo- $141, 402.00
Scott Brubaker- $122,564.00
Jeff Foreman- $126,204.00

You can read the bonuses paid to these people at the link.

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