Monday, January 11, 2010

Todd Eachus- If You Want To Run Again Tell Us What You Did For Hazleton

Reporters, If you believe Todd did for seniors what he claims please explain where the 120,000 seniors are who were supposed to have PACE/PACENET and do not??

Todd, how much money have you brought to Hazleton, The Municipality, not the AREA since you claim to be our Representative?

Todd, why should we send you back when you couldn't put a budget through on a matter of fact ...not even close..

Todd, please explain your relationship with Robert Powell?? Please explain why you fought with Senator Musto over the cargo airport for money and secured $250 million? Please explain why you wouldn't make sure Hazleton City was worthy of the same energy and effort you put forth for Robert Powell????? How much did you bring to Hazleton?? Well its not ZERO but damn close.

Maryanne Petrilla as Controller failed Luzerne County..Why did you mentor her??

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