Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Guilty, Guilty, And Guilty

On the national political front Democrats are dropping like flies. Senator Dodd announced his retirement after he realized the cost of supporting BarWhacky Obama's policies. Dodd's announcement comes on the heels of Sen. Byron Dorgan's, D-N.D., surprise decision to retire instead of seeking re-election this year. Democrats also lost two embattled gubernatorial candidates in Colorado and Michigan yesterday.

Locally football legend Greg Skrepenak is scheduled to plead guilty on January 26th. Doug Richards took his medicine this afternoon by pleading guilty in federal court to accepting a bribe.
While Skrep the Schlep is "bracing" to plead guilty Bill Brace plead guilty before U.S. District Judge Munley for accepting a bribe in exchange for influencing the award of a contract.

Not a great day for Democrats.

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