Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tidbits From The Valley

As the story goes politics are taking a twisted turn in Luzerne County. One would think that after the FBI walked the halls of the Luzerne County Courthouse and politicians who were viewed as untouchable marched one by one into federal court current office holders would pay attention.

SOP gets the sense that those who were not indicted feel vindicated and out of the sights of the FBI. WOW what an egotistical position for them to assume.

It is rumored that Pittston Mayor Bill Goldsworthy incurred the wrath of Phyllis Mundy at a recent event. It seems Phyllis was less than pleasant after she found out that Mr. Goldsworthy would be seeking her seat in the House of Representatives of Pennsylvania. Less than pleasant...nahhhh.. some said tirade is more like it...well ask Phyllis or those who witnessed the incident.

A former Democrat who wanted to run against the Democrat in her district met stiff opposition from Democrats in the district. So much so that a current Luzerne County Official discouraged her to run, well actually told her not to run. She was so dismayed at the reception by her own party that she decided to switch to Republican and run anyway.

One would think that with all the corruption that has been exposed in Northeastern Pennsylvania Democratic party strategists would chart a new course. They need to lead and show they can put trust back into their party.

Incumbents must soon realize that term limits, if not by law, must be self imposed. Transparency, transparency, transparency. IF they want the FBI to move on, they need to show that business is no longer "the way we always did it."

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