Sunday, December 13, 2009

Kanjorski- It Is Time You Retire

If you visit this site the letters are overwhelmingly against Paul Kanjorski and the policies of Barack Obama.

Here is one such letter:

You are a rediculously inhuman and insensitive representative!

Rep. Paul Kanjorski

June 30, 2009

The fact that you would vote "yes" to the largest tax hike in the history of America, under the guise of clean energy while the middle american man and woman are already struggling with the largest unemployment rate in decades, along with businesses closing their doors..... as they struggle to feed their children and keep a roof over their heads is contemptible!!!

You representative Kanjorsy are truly a man with no regard for the regular man or woman! You truly are a irrepairable and immoral man in all of your judgement as you allow for politics to dominate your sense of right and wrong.

Its not the "polluters" and the "rich" that are going to pay the cost for your irresponsibility and your political payoff and associations!!!! it is the everyday working man and woman! the ones that even today are struggling to pay their electric bills, keep food on the table, and roofs over their heads!

You truly are less than a human!! i actually thought that their may be some hope for you congressman as i follow your votes.... But you truly are a whore to the democratic party with no remorse and under the false guise of caring for Pennsylvanians while Pennsylvanians are one of the many states that are truly going to bear the biggest brunt of the largest Tax in history, that YOU VOTED FOR!!!

Shame on you! The only good thing i see is that you democrats are making the american people extremely angry which guarantees that your irresponsible and corrupt political involvement in this country will be at an end soon! You better start looking for a new job!

With absolute and resolute contempt,

East Stroudsburg , PA

That letter was written last June. Paul...It is Time!

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