Monday, December 7, 2009

Paul Kanjorski- Why Don't You Talk To YOUR Constituents

When I was first told about this video I didn't give it too much attention. However, today I received a phone call from a colleague of mine who was actually there when this incident happened. He was part of the 912 Project that went to Washington that day. They descended on Capitol Hill to protest the vote on healthcare.

He recalled the events exactly as they are described in the description portion of this video as well as the comments section.

Description and Comments on
My wonderful encounter with Congressman Paul Kanjorski 11/05/2009
What you did not see prior to this video was the congressman come out of his office, grabbed me saying We try to be nice to you, but I am tired of your kind of people coming here (Now he begins to physically push me down the hall and I bring the video camera up, and he continues his rant)Now get the HELL OUT of my building before I call the police and have you removed!!! I reply (Im rather shaken up at this point and mistakenly call him senator) that he works for us and we pay his salary He then turns away and walks back towards his office and I finally have my video camera recording and I challenge him to call the police, that I had done nothing wrong and that he accosted me which he did reply to, the police show up, of course it was all a show, they just stood at his door.
Then his chief of staff Karen Feather comes out of his office to believe it or not, apologize to me on his behalf!! Everyone who witnessed the incident just let go on her, why is he sending you?? He is a grown man and should act like one, he is a congressman for god sakes!! He makes law, and he is too scared to be a man and come out himself and apologize?? To which she replied, We have had a bad week and he is known to do this kind of thing.
I was there, Kanjorski is either senile or insane. He acted like he was a lunatic and put on a show of fake outrage. This abuser of our republic is a joke and has got to go. Kanjorski, your days are numbered.

i was on the OTHER side of that door...he was shaking.... slurring his words..did,t even know about youtube....a man in office and he dosen't know about you tube???...oh and AFTER he closed the door on these people i was trying to leave and i couldnt get out...i asked could we count on him for immigration next year? he looked at CANT count on me for anything ! then said i told you 2 get the hell out. he dosent work for us !!! he works 4 nancy...this man is an old bumbling fool !!

Paul, by the way, had you bothered to ask you would have found out these people can by bus from Freeland and Lehighton to talk to you. Here's a link as proof the Lehighton group attended. Don't be fooled by the attendance number. There was 20,000 protesters in all. But, then again, unless you can control who talks to you your demeanor changes quite rapidly. Unless its Nancy Pelosi or Barney Frank at your side the rest of us are ordinary folks are just Peons.

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Matt J said...

Good thing Mayor Barletta is in the race again. We'll be able to retire Kanjorski when he's not riding Obama'a coattails.