Sunday, December 27, 2009

Eachus Website Down

Today I was told that the blinds to Representative Todd Eachus's office in downtown Hazleton were fully closed to the ground. To the knowledge of the person who relayed the story this person has never noticed the blinds fully drawn.

It may have been an irrelevant piece of information if it wasn't for the fact the is down. You can only use the cache feature of a Google search to bring up the contents of the site. According to the cache feature it was able to retrieve the data as of December 8, 2009. Given that he is House Majority Leader for the House of Representatives for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania it raises extreme curiosity.

In the cache feature a statement claims the website is paid for by the Pennsylvania HDCC. A search of Pennsylvania's Campaign Finance site is here for the contributions to his committee from 01/01/2000 to date. Can you find the contribution?

Mr. Eachus's shortness with the media has been well documented. He refuses to answer questions or offer any explanations for the contents of recent media reports. He has not been charged in any matters to date.

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