Monday, December 14, 2009

Chris Paige- Who??

["Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves." - Matthew 7:15 ]

The headline states "To Paige, Barletta Is Wrong Candidate". Bill O'Boyle reports in the Times Leader today that Christopher Paige, lawyer for his wife's hedge fund, came out "swinging" at Lou Barletta. Let's call him for what he really is. Paige, is a Democrat in sheep's clothing. His tactics are right out of the "Mudville" gazette. He moved to this region in 2006 and wants the voters to believe he has passion to represent them. He switches party in late 2008 and wants believability, let alone credibility.

Paige donated to Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Joseph Sestak, and Howard Dean. He wants the public to believe that in less a year he is a true blue Republican.

Chris, a couple of questions. Who in the Republican party knows you since you just changed registration this year? Is it coincidental that you and Corey O'Brien were lawyers in Washington at the same time? Is it coincidental that Kanjorski's committee deals with hedge funds, the primary business of you and your wife?

You told the Times-Tribune that this race was going to be about Kanjorski's record, as it should. Chris, we'd examine your record on government service but clearly there is none to speak to. As a hedge fund lawyer who do you owe your allegiance to?

Your pandering to the media about being anti-big bank is contradicted by this article in Forbes that states Paige hopes to raise campaign cash from hedge funds, although it remains to be seen if his links to the industry will cost him votes.

You want to tell the public that hedge funds weren't part of the financial crisis that crippled this country. Let's see what Marketplace had to say. These days hedge funds don't look much safer. Burned investors are pulling money out. The funds can no longer rely on easy debt to juice their returns.

You are trying to make the argument that you know what is best for the average "Joe." What did Marketplace have to say about hedge funds and small investors? Hedge funds are off-limits to small investors

You want to tear down a powerful Republican icon for the good of the party?? Your campaign is based on "paper-thin" credibility by design because you are not and never will be a believer of Republican philosophy. Your goal and those who sent you is to try to derail the Barletta campaign. How is that working out for you so far?? When you lose who are you going to support? Are you going to be like Scozzafava in N.Y and back the Democrat?

You assail Barletta for many things. Would you rather Barletta be the meek sitting under the bleachers or with the team players on the field going after the issues facing Hazleton and doing all he can to address them? This election will be about the best candidate representing the 11th district, nor for himself, but for his country. If you think Barletta is already a loser why are you attacking him?

Finally Chris, let's read a comment left of directed at you.


Dec 10th, 2009


You will lose this primary because you have done two things that turn people off from the start.

First, your negative attitude about the party as evidenced by your comment, “This is a truly sad day for the Republican Party.” The party needs an uplifting, positive candidate, not a downer.

Second, your over confidence is approaching arrogance as evidenced by statements such as, “From my perspective, that’s precisely how and why we’ll win,” and, “there’s no question that I’m a better genereal election candidate.” If your so confident in your ability to win the general than why are you so worried about the ‘party establishment’s’ support of Lou Barletta in the primary? If you are truly as great a candidate as you claim to be you shouldn’t be worried. Your reasoning that your the better candidate should apply in the general as well as the primary.

Your negative attitude and over confidence prove that your too fresh to mount a successful bid in the primary let alone the general. A seasoned pol goes to bed every night in fear about their next re-elect and has that same fear hit them like a ton of bricks every morning when they wake up. A seasoned pol lives in fear of his next re-elect when his approval numbers are at an all time high, and when his numbers are tanking.

A healthy fear of loss is precisely why Congressman Kanjorski has been re-elected so many times. His healthy fear of loss staves off a negative attitude toward his party and over confidence. You should take a page from his book if you’d like to beat him. Being the amatuer that you are as evidenced by your negativity and arrogance, I do not see that happening.

I will enjoy watching you kick, and scream on your way to defeat without honor.

- Outsider Looking In

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