Saturday, December 19, 2009

Kanjorski Steals Barney Frank's Thunder

Paul Kanjorski has no shame when it comes to taking credit for another's work. Witness the latest press grab over the Wall Street Reform Bill.

Kanjorski Wrote Half of Legislation Including Amendment to Address Companies That Are "Too Big to Fail" and Prevent Future Bailouts

Now, there are Democrats in his district that believe what he says without questioning his statements. So let's help them out.

In this article by Damian Paletta and Robin Sidel of the Wall Street Journal the writers credit Barney Frank, not Paul Kanjorski, for authoring its provisions. The bill, written in large part by House Financial Services Committee Chairman Barney Frank, aims to fill gaps in the regulatory toolkit exposed by last year's crisis. It would give the government the power to break up even healthy financial companies if regulators believe they pose a threat to the financial system.

In fact Paul Kanjorski's name is mentioned at all. Amazing for a politician who claims to have written half the law.

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