Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Eachus Memo Surfaces Amid Allegations

SOP has obtained an email sent by Todd Eachus to Democratic Members and Legislative Assistants on November 09, 2009 at 13:37:58. Its reproduction is below.

From: Eachus, Todd
To: Dem Members & Legis Assts
Cc: Stalnecker, Angela; Kuller,Laura, Baughman, Vicki
Sent: Mon Nov 09 13:37:58 2009
Subject: Post-Budget Outreach Information

Dear Colleague:

Under my direction, the Office of Member Services recently compiled extensive budget reports specifically tailored to selected individual legislative districts. These reports detail the impact of the 2009-10 budget and were intended to serve as the foundation for Members' budget outreach with constituents and press. Whether it's a town hall meeting, a newsletter or a telephone conversation with a constituent, this information can be used to demonstrate how much better Pennsylvania fared as a result of our refusal to settle for the provisions of the Republican plan, S. B. 850.

The documents are proving to be a valuable resource to our Members, so with that in mind, I write to offer this service to you. Upon your request, I will instruct the Office of Member Services to compile a budget report for your legislative district which would include general talking points, detailed data, and a document delineating several outreach options that the Legislative Communications Office can help you execute.

If you are interested in having this information tailored for your legislative districted, please contact Angela Stalnecker in my office, at or (717) 787-2229, and we'll get to work for you.

As always I will continue to do all I can to ensure that you receive the best possible service from our staff.



Let's roll back the emails to a different time about the "incumbent protection program" put together by Eachus et al found on

Attachment 11
Document and mails shoping John Paul Jones performing House Democratic Campaign Committee campaign work on state time using state resources in 2007 under Todd Eachus' supervision.

From: Jones, John Paul
Sent: Wednesday, December 06, 2006 11:28 AM

To: Manzo, Michael; Cott, Brett
Cc: Manzo, Rachel

Subject: Incumbent Protection Meetings.



3. To notify key caucus staff and leadership of progress (or lack thereof) by individual incumbents with regards to incumbent protection.

4. To share information across offices in order to constantly improve incumbent protection activities.

Meeting Composition:
Chairs- Rep. Eachus,
Mike Manzo,
Brett Cott

Leader's office- Paul Parsells
LCO- Chris Zarek
LRO- Jen Brubaker
OMS- Eric Webb

Approp.- Miriam Fox

ODA- Scott Casper

Policy Com-Rachel Manzo

Secretary-Mike Risch

Comm.-Barb Grill & Bill Patton

HDCC- Dan W. & Jess W.

F/R- Erin Madison

Misc. Staff- Jon Price, Bob Caton

Fast forward to the email "Under my direction, the Office of Member Services recently compiled extensive budget reports specifically tailored to selected individual legislative districts." Sure sounds like incumbent protection paid for by Pennsylvania taxpayers. Even in the Bonusgate climate it seems political addiction to certain behaviors are unstoppable.

Why should legislative staff be assigned to these tasks, and why should these members have to ask the leader's office for information? How can the leader justify using legislative staff when the Pennsylvania budget is still not finished?

This program smacks of the Members Incentive Program that had to go thorugh Eachus in 2007.

interoffice memorandum

to: Todd Eachus

from: Andrea Berringer

subject: INcnetive program

date: 4/2/2007

cc: JOhn JOnes

HDCC (MIP) Member Incentive Program

The most effective way to bring in money to HDCC is through call time. But call time is exactly that. TIME and time is a tough commodity here in Harrisburg. That is why it is going to take a rotation of members through HDCC's door to call on the organizations behalf to really build its bank. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to get our members to offer up their valuable time to us, especially the ones who do not use services from HDCC or receive assistance at election time or during a primary situation. This is why I am proposeing the HDCC (MIP) Member Incentive Program.

HDCC will supply lists of potential donors to the Campaign Committee from the general area that the member is from. The members will use HDCC to make the calls, handle all follow up, attribution of donations to its respective caller and thank you letters. For their time, the Member will receive 30% of the donations they raise in the form of a contribution to their campaign committee sent monthly. This program will have a cap at $75,0000 total raised ($50,000 to HDCC and $25,000 to the member.)

After the Member has raised their commitment to HDCC, and wants to continue to fundraise for his/herself, HDCC will continue to keep with lists. HDCC will supply Members with lists of democratic donors that are micro-targeted to their particula districts/committees/issues/etc/ but all follow up, phone lines, and staffing from then on will be theirs. But because HDCC will still be supplying ALL of the prospects, we will be asking for 10%. (*Mind you this alleviates countless man hours of research, data entry, and cross referencing.)

This program will be offered to the Members who are in seats that often have primary challengers first; then rolled out to our most vulnerable seats and outward to all as soon as HDCC has the finance staff to support this.

John Jones
Representative Todd Eachus

I guess we are back to Brad Bumsted's opinion on where does one draw the line between legislative and campaign work. It should start when all legislative efforts are focused on Pennsylvania and not the battle between Democrats and Republicans.

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Anonymous said...

Here is the real story on these douchbags:

Chairs- Rep. Eachus,------------ Current House Majority Leader (has secret meetings as recently as Aug 2009 with Mike Manzo at Mid-Town Tavern, prolly trying to decide where to hide the Powell money even though there was no state budget and people where not getting paid, in fact the prisoners were getting paid but the guards were not!)

Mike Manzo ---------------------- Indicted (working with Corbett)

Brett Cott ------------------------ Indicted (The Man behind Casablanca PA)

Leader's office- Paul Parsells --- Speaker McCall’s Chief of Staff (was in on all political meetings held in the Capitol and Keith McCall knew it!)

LCO- Chris Zarek ---------------- Director of Communications (was in on all political meetings held in the Capitol)/should be indicted if she doesn't already have immunity

LRO- Jen Brubaker -------------- Indicted

OMS- Eric Webb ----------------- Fired by DeWeese/Granted Immunity/ Director of Office of Member Services (this is the same office that will be performing the Post-Budget Outreach/Iincumbent Protection for Eachus)/This is the guy who kept the Bonus List!/Reason this office still exists is because Rep Danny Surra and Rep Mike Hanna's boys work in it --- they did only political work for years and apparently they continue to do political work on state time!

Approp.- Miriam Fox ------------ Dwight Evans Chief of Staff/Evans continues to help his non-profit gain favor $ even after Veon's indictment and Fumo's incarceration/I guess Corbett needs the African American votes to become Governor.

ODA- Scott Casper -------------- Printed Maps for all Political Races for the past 10 yrs/the sole function of his office is to print maps for political races but his cover function was reapportionment every 10 years – what a waste of money.

Policy Com-Rachel Manzo ------ Indicted (cooperating with AG to take out Eachus and got charges reduced from 12 counts to one count)

Secretary-Mike Risch ----------- This is the shocker because Dermody appeared to be clean/Currently an Eachus disciple and lapdog but soon to be the New Democratic Whip’s (Dermody) selection as Chief of Staff (not a good first decision as Whip Frank).

Comm.-Barb Grill --------------- Worked with Ron Buxton's son in political office within the Capitol.

Bill Patton ---------------------- Pennsylvania Democratic Party Executive Director Mary Isenhour's husband and McCall spokesperson/He worked with Barb Grill and Buxton in the political office within the Capitol/Did nothing but politics for many years.

HDCC- Dan W. ----------------- Now works for Rep Gerber and is mentioned all over the Stetler presentment/Granted Immunity

Jess W. ------------------------- PJ Levelles (Indicted) Wife and Works for the Labor Union

F/R- Erin Madison ------------- Did McCall's Fund raising from within the Capitol at the direction of Paul Parcell

Misc. Staff- Jon Price, -------- Now works for the Governor and admitted to wrong doing in DeWeese Presentment/Granted Immunity

Bob Caton --------------------- McCall Spokesperson/Worked with Barb Grill, Buxton, & Patton in special political office set up by Manzo and Veon within the Capitol