Sunday, December 20, 2009

Kanjorski Flip Flops On Tolling I-80

What a difference a year makes with Paul Kanjorski. After the fight for his political life in last year's election against Lou Barletta Kanjorski is working overtime to redo his image. But there is an old album by Frank Zappa, "You Are What You Is" featuring a song "Dumb All Over". Kanjorski can't be serious when it comes to his positionS on I-80 because he flip-flops rather than stay true to his conviction. He is pandering to the electorate.

8/3/07 Congressman Paul E. Kanjorski Released the Following Statement on the I-80 Toll Issue,
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Gretchen M. Wintermantel
Aug. 3, 2007

"The real issue is how Pennsylvania should pay for its portion of the maintenance expenses for our roads and bridges. After much difficult negotiating, Governor Rendell and the Pennsylvania Legislature reached a compromise that would generate an average of $946 million annually over the next ten years to repair roads and bridges and support 73 public transit systems.

"It is incumbent upon opponents of this plan to offer a better alternative and thus far they have failed to do so. As a state legislator recently observed, the legislators thought tolling I-80 was a bad idea, but all ‘the others were worse.'

"Tolls and taxes are never popular, and I would prefer to find an alternative for funding Pennsylvania's highways without establishing tolls on I-80. However, I believe that the federal government should respect the decisions made by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania."

What a differnce a year and three months make.

12/17/09: Kanjorski, Carney, Dahlkemper, Thomson Strongly State Opposition to Tolling on I-80 in Meeting with Federal Highway Administration

"I am, and always have been, opposed to tolling on I-80, as it would negatively affect residents throughout Pennsylvania, but especially those in the Northeast," said Congressman Kanjorski. "We must invest in projects and policies that will benefit Pennsylvanians, and tolling on I-80 will do just the opposite.

Kanjorski is incapable of thinking, incapable of governing, and incapable of telling the truth. And Dumb All Over.

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