Monday, December 28, 2009

Did Anybody Tell Obama It's Okay To Spend Stimulus Money

So exactly how much stimulus money has been spent through September, 2009?

Thanks to the folks over at ProPublica you can view it here. We were sold that we needed this stimulus to get our country back on the right track and only 26.28% has been spent???!! WTF.

I guess Obama et al want to use the money NEXT YEAR to by an election. Remember Paul Kanjorski's words "We really in this last election — when I say we, the Democrats — I think pushed it as far as we can, the envelope. Didn't say it, but we implied it — that we, if we won the Congressional elections, we could stop the war,” Kanjorski said in the video.

“Now anybody who is a good student of government would know that wasn't true. But you know, the temptation to want to win back the Congress, we sort of stretched the facts — and people ate it up."

Nobel Prize winning economist Paul Krugman said he thinks there’s a “reasonably high chance” the economy will contract in the second half of next year.

On the "This Week" Roundtable, Krugman said he agreed with the assessment of fellow Nobel-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz that there is a significant chance the economy will shrink in 2010.

“I would go with Joseph Stiglitz,” Krugman added, “I’m really worried about the second half.”

The leader who stays in the rear, takes it in the rear- Mr. Hertz, movie Shoot Em Up

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