Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Bonner Pleads Guilty

Bonner Pleads Guilty To Passing A Bribe With the lastest arrests in the corruption probe by AG Tom Corbett and the FBI arresting Democrat after Democrat in Luzerne County why aren't Democratic Leaders coming out leading the cry for meaningful reform? Hiding won't solve the problem. If they want to survive they need to address this crisis head-on. But then again the Democrats greatest claim is continual vilification of George Bush which is quickly running out of steam.

To illustrate my point go on over to John Micek's Capitol Ideas column from yesterday and read about the arrogance of Bill DeWeeese who exhibits no humility for the veracity of complaint against him.

Around 8 p.m. or so last night, DeWeese wandered onto the House floor for the first time since charges were announced earlier in the day. On the Democratic side of the aisle, he was greeted with claps on the back and with handshakes.

It was an incongruous gesture given the gravity of the charges that had been lodged against him. A few minutes later, he gave a speech from the House floor -- the last he'll give as a member of the House Democratic leadership, we expect.

"I've had a tough day," he said dryly, before going on to thank his colleagues for the visits, calls and e-mails that had apparently filtered in throughout the day on Tuesday. "I've enjoyed being Democratic Whip," he went on to say. "And for all those of you who have shown support ... I am grateful."

At the close of his remarks, DeWeese was greeted with a standing ovation. Another incongruous gesture. Not that we were expecting an Amish shunning or anything like that, but we couldn't help but wonder what the proper balance was between respect for DeWeese's three-decade tenure and opprobrium for the way it had ended.


Anonymous said...

The biggest fish for Attorney General Corbett will be his close political friend former Senator Bob Jubelirer of Altoona now living in Allentown. Corbett’s campaign donation listsings and Jubelier’s are almost Twin Match Cousins when it came to campaigning.

Jubelier was seen campaigning with his staffers all over Altoona in Super Markets all day long in hopes of being re-elected over 30 years again, but he lost. The Media is going to have a field day when they see that investigation and bring Jubelier and his staffers before the Grand Jury.

The Achilles Heel of Tom Corbett is in Altoona’s backyard and now Allentown!

Surely, the public and media cannot be told only the Pennsylvania House of Representatives did campaigning on state time, can it?

Perzel knows this is not true.

If Corbett truly wants to reform government he has to investigate Bob Jubelirer and Robert
Mellow, before the Primary Elections by holding a Grand Jury on them too.

McGruff said...

Glad to see you came back...thought I wouldn't notice...remember I see everything.