Wednesday, December 9, 2009

MaryAnn Petrilla- Stick To County Business

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It looks like the "good-ole-boy" network just grew by one of the opposite sex. In today's edition of the Hazleton Standard Speaker Luzerne County Commissioner Maryann Petrilla states she wrote a letter to the Department of Environmental Protection over Hazleton Creek Properties application to mix pulverized construction fill and debris with dredge at its mine reclamation site in Hazleton. Her letter mirrors EXACTLY the objections raised by Todd Eachus and Paul Kanjorski. One would think that they would at least be original in their letters to DEP rather than copy Todd Eachus's "homework".

MaryAnn Petrilla is the same person who had Todd Eachus manage her campaign for County Controller when she ran against Steve Flood and lost. She was elected Luzerne County Controller in 2006. She has yet to explain her possible complicity in the Kids-For-Cash scheme through malfeasance acts while in office. She reminds me of a Nandu in Uraguay.

“This is the same former Democrat controller who failed to raise any red flags regarding the web of corruption that has surrounded the Luzerne County government.

“It was, after all, under Maryanne Petrilla’s watch, that debit cards were being misused and no-bid contracts were being handed out as political favors. Frankly, her inability to report these glaring problems with our county government while serving as an elected official makes her incompetent at best.”

Todd Eachus, the leading opponent, claims the project will create a combination of materials that has never been used before in mine reclamation in the United States . Of course once again the Mr. Eachus is following is cohort, Paul Kanjorski, and stretching the facts. Out in Chicago there is an innovative project using clean construction demolition debris(CCDD).

Maryann claims she was "threatened" by Judge Conahan in her testimony to the Interbranch Commission on Juvenile Justice. Well, Maryann, were you pressured when he gave you a $5,000.00 donation on December 24, 2003? During your testimony did you let the Commission know about the donation?

Maryann, where you under the same pressure by Todd Eachus to send this letter to DEP??

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Paul Kanjorski trying to make more money for earth conservacy