Tuesday, December 15, 2009


According to WILKnewsradio.com AG Corbett intends to announce more charges in his office's ongoing corruption probe into the Pennsylvania State Legislature.  His news conference will  be held at 1P.M.  Sources close to the probe indicate the latest round may be legislators recently invited to testify before the grand jury. 

It is intersting to note there is an unconfirmed report that Bill DeWeese was seen shaking AG Corbett's hand at the Pennsylvania Society meeting held in New York last weekend.

In a related note Brad Bumsted reports that Pennsylvania taxpayers paid $173,469 for fifteen GOP staffers to attend computer conferences and meetings in Las Vegas, New Orleans, Washington, D.C., and Los Angeles. The moral of the story -- kiss your money goodbye when the Legislature gets hold of it.

Check back for more on AG Corbett's announcement.

UPDATE 1: The Lebanon Daily News reports that Pennsylvania Revenue Secretary Stephen Stetler resigned Tuesday, hours before state prosecutors were expected to announce more charges in their ongoing public corruption investigation. Gov. Ed Rendell said Stetler would be charged with conduct related to his service as a state representative.

As he headed to the House chamber for a voting session Tuesday, Eachus deflected reporters' questions.

"I know you guys are all going to try to continue to talk to me about this, but I've managed this investigation from the leader's office all year, had no comment all year and have no comment now," Eachus said.

UPDATE 2: The Post-Gazette has reported that Bill DeWeese will be charged by AG Corbett when he announces charges at 1P.M. today.

Mr. DeWeese did not attend today's legislative session. In a scene fraught with irony, it was Mr. Eachus, as majority leader, who submitted a request to the House to excuse "the gentleman from Greene County" from attendance. Mr. Eachus, exuding confidence, attended the session.

UPDATE 3: Watching AG Tom Corbett on PCN Live. Charges were presented against Steven Stetler, Bill DeWeese, and DeWeese district aide Sharon Rodavich were charged in the ongoing corruption probe. He was emphatic no deal was made with Bill DeWeese at this time. Corbett also stated that the evidence will take his people where it leads his office. He said that the Grand Jury meets one week per month which is the only time he has to bring witnesses for the jurors to hear testimony. Corbett also refused to tell reporters whether anyone already invited to testify before the grand jury and didn't will or will not be charged.

SOP sources in Harrisburg indicate the House is in a complete disarray. These charges surely will add to the foray. Watching the House action on the table games legislation demonstrates that our legislators are not learning anything from these charges.

DeWeese/Rodavich Presentment PDF From Post-Gazette
Stetler Presentment

UPDATE 4: According to this article that appeared in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review Bill Deweese met at least three times with agents from AG Tom Corbett's office. His lawyer said he is fully cooperating and did not seek immunity.

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