Friday, October 8, 2010

Is Eachus Admitting Role In Bonusgate Scandal?

In a story published May 19, 2010 written by Mia Light of the Standard Speaker House Majority Leader Todd Eachus makes this repsonse to the reporter over comments made by Tarah Toohil, his challenger.

But "the voters are in an anti-incumbent mood because of what's going on with the corruption," Toohil said.

In response, Eachus said he inherited a legacy of problems when becoming the majority leader in 2009.

"I'll take some of the responsibility, but not all of the responsibility. I'm trying to fix the problems," he said.
So how many "legislative" newsletters that contain statements showing what "Todd Eachus did" have you received in between the campaign flyers from Eachus's office? If he refuses to answer questions about Bonusgate and shields himself with three different spokespersons how are we supposed to know what he is and isn't taking responsibility for?

Here is a video that asks the question- Did Congressman Paul Kanjorski and Eachus use legislative staff for a veiled attempt at campaigning?

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