Thursday, October 21, 2010

Update On Eachus Travel Claims

In today's Times Leader Steve Mocarsky pens an article about House Majority Leader Todd Eachus's admission that he accepted a flight back and forth from Harrisburg to Hazleton on January 31, 2007. He attended the press conference announcing a proposal to build a cargo airport outside of Hazleton where now admitted felon Robert Powell was a partner. He made the claim that he had to return to Harrisburg to vote.

The round trip between Harrisburg and Hazleton was job-related, Eachus said, and he made it because it was the only way to make it back to Harrisburg in time to cast votes in the state House.

According to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Legislative Journal report for Wednesday January 31, 2007 the House convened its proceedings at 11:00A.M. and adjourned at 11:02A.M.

The House convened at 11 a.m., e.s.t.

The SPEAKER. Without objection, any resolutions on
today's calendar will be passed over. The Chair hears no

The SPEAKER. The Chair recognizes the gentlelady from
Chester, Representative McIlvaine Smith, who moves that
the House do now adjourn until 11 a.m., e.s.t., Thursday,
February 1, 2007, unless sooner recalled by the Speaker.
On the question,
Will the House agree to the motion?
Motion was agreed to, and at 11:02 a.m., e.s.t., the House

Previously SOP provied a link to House Actions on Wednesday January 31, 2007 that provided evidence there were no votes in the House on that date.

Mr. Eachus has created more questions than answers.  It should be noted that the press conference was held at 1:00P.M.  He flew back to Harrisburg after the adjournment for the day according to records.

The following information from this flight tracking site was obtained by SOP for N69WU, the tail number for Powell's Rockwell jet.

SBR1/L Capital City (KCXY)
Allegheny Co (KAGC)
04:15PM EST 05:10PM EST 0:55

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