Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Democrat Vs. Republican Control Of Congress- Who Really Created The Deficits

A discussion on politics invariably hits the topic of deficits and who was in power during those deficits. Obama and Kanjorski talk about Bush's spiraling deficits. It is time to set the record straight. Look at this chart which can be found at this link. It didn't come as clear as I wanted it to in PowerPoint conversion but the frst column is YEAR, the second Congress Number, next the President, the next column is Senate, and the final column is the House.

As you can see during those Clinton years where everyone feels the country was much better off than during the Bush years the Republicans were in control most of the time in the House and Senate.

Conversely when you look at the Bush years the picture isn't so clear until you look at this chart.

As you can see the deficits under Bush weren't as drastic until his last two years when the Democrats took control of Congress. One could never legitmately make the claim they "spiraled" out of control while he was in office.

Everyone blames Bush when in fact it was the Democrats who caused the deficits. The deficits greatly increase under Obama, Pelosi, and Harry Reid. The rest of that chart are projections. Under the present economic conditions they won't be born out.

It was the Democrats through the guise of wanting "affordable housing" that created the housing crisis and contributed to the economic crash of the present. The Community Reinvestment Act was passed in 1977. Instead of affordable housing it created "unaffordable mortgages".

Kanjorski's rank partisanship fails to recognize that there were more Democratically controlled Congresses during his time in office than Republican. Yet he wants to blame everything on the Republicans.


Coal Region Voice said...

The budget is created by the Executive branch of government. If there is a shortfall, who is to blame?

McGruff said...

The following is an overview of the federal budget process, including:

■the President’s presents the annual budget request, which kicks off the budget process;
■there is a congressional budget resolution developed and contains its own language;
■the terms of the budget resolution are enforced in the House and Senate; and
■budget “reconciliation,” a special procedure used in some years to facilitate the passage of spending and tax legislation.

So, the President only creates the requests. Congress, the House and the Senate hash out those numbers and pass the legislation. Then the Executive branch gets to spend according to what was hashed out between the House and the Senate.

The shortfall is due to revenues not meeting the budget expectations relative to the spending authorized. So the way I see it Congress is more to blame than the President. They had the ability to reign in any requests.

McGruff said...

In the case of this President there has been no checks and balances due to one party dominance. Its full speed at the helm and ram everything down the citizens throat.

McGruff said...

One thing that gets me in this argument against Bush is his tax cuts. It amazes me how people blame his cuts but yet the usual battle cry for the taxpayer is to "lower my taxes". In the present case they are talking about keeping the Bush tax cuts. If they don't the real thing they are doing is instituting Pelosi, Kanjorski, and Reid tax increases.

One can argue that the tope 2-3 % need to pay more. Please explain where venture capital comes from. What are Bill Gates and Warren Buffet doing with their fortunes? They are giving HALF to charity. The way the Dems are portraying this issue is to use "people feel good phrases" like "lets get the rich". In the end who are they really getting? Have they once said any money would be used to create jobs because that's what the rich do. Name one rich person that doesn't have an arsenal of employees working in some capacity for them. Employees are resource-oriented. Entrepreneurs are opportunity-oriented. It takes money to invest and create jobs. But there is risk..so there must be a reward. Otherwise we are turning towards socialism.