Tuesday, October 12, 2010



Hazleton, PA- On Tuesday, candidate for State Representative Tarah Toohil, was informed by various media outlets that Mr. Eachus was hand-delivering his newest round of false and baseless attacks to the press.

In response, Toohil remarked, “Once again, it is sad that Mr. Eachus is stooping so low and that he thinks his conduct is acceptable and seems to even be proud of himself. My opponent is exactly what is wrong with politics today. I am running a volunteer, grassroots campaign, fighting for this community… about the issues NOT a lowly mudslinging campaign that represents the worst of politics today. After 15 years in office, shouldn’t my opponent be able to run on his record? He can't run on his record. He is running from it."

Toohil stated, “Unlike Mr. Eachus, I will always be open, honest, transparent and accountable with the people of my community. I will gladly answer any questions anyone might have."

"I am a lawyer. I served as a law clerk for the Luzerne County Court of Common Pleas. When a person is hired by the County to be a law clerk it is always via a Court Order. These Court Orders are signed by the President Judge of the County. I never worked for Mark Ciavarella.”

“Secondly, I have never represented anyone in connection with the Federal Luzerne County Corruption Probe. Mr. Eachus on the other hand is embroiled in the corruption scandal in Luzerne County. Mr. Eachus is tied closely with and has accepted money from many of the major players and admitted felons: Bob Powell, Robert Mericle and Gregory Skrepenak. To name a few. All you have to do is follow the money trail. Those are the facts. I would highly suggest that before Mr. Eachus attacks me again, he takes the time to confirm that the statements he makes are true. Because the statements he made today are misleading and incorrect.”

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PA11Debate said...

Tarah Toohil had a nice interview on WILK today. Corbett calls Eachus a chicken once again.