Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Clinton Can't Remember Where His Wife Was Born

Yesterday former President Bill Clinton came to Nanticoke, Pa. to stump for his long time friend Paul Kanjorski. Although Elvis was sighted in the crowd no one saw Monica Lewinsky. It might be a good thing.

Andrew Seder of the Times Leader reported that Clinton forgot where his wife was born.

Clinton, as he always does when appearing in the region, reminded people that his wife, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, was born in Scranton and still has relatives in the area.

From Wikipedia:

Hillary Diane Rodham was born at Edgewater Hospital in Chicago, Illinois. She was raised in a United Methodist family, first in Chicago and then, from the age of three, in suburban Park Ridge, Illinois. As a child, Hillary Rodham was a teacher's favorite at her public schools in Park Ridge. She participated in swimming, baseball, and other sports. She also earned numerous awards as a Brownie and Girl Scout. She attended Maine East High School, where she participated in student council, the school newspaper, and was selected for National Honor Society. For her senior year, she was redistricted to Maine South High School, where she was a National Merit Finalist and graduated in the top five percent of her class of 1965. In 1965, Rodham enrolled at Wellesley College, where she majored in political science. Rodham then entered Yale Law School, where she served on the editorial board of the Yale Review of Law and Social Action. In the late spring of 1971, she began dating Bill Clinton, also a law student at Yale. That summer, she interned at the Oakland, California, law firm of Treuhaft, Walker and Burnstein. The firm was well-known for its support of constitutional rights, civil liberties, and radical causes (two of its four partners were current or former Communist Party members); Rodham worked on child custody and other cases. Clinton canceled his original summer plans, in order to live with her in California; the couple continued living together in New Haven when they returned to law school. The following summer, Rodham and Clinton campaigned in Texas for unsuccessful 1972 Democratic presidential candidate George McGovern. She received a Juris Doctor degree from Yale in 1973, having stayed on an extra year to be with Clinton. Clinton first proposed marriage to her following graduation, but she declined. She began a year of postgraduate study on children and medicine at the Yale Child Study Center.During her postgraduate study, Rodham served as staff attorney for Edelman's newly founded Children's Defense Fund in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and as a consultant to the Carnegie Council on Children. During 1974, she was a member of the impeachment inquiry staff in Washington, D.C., advising the House Committee on the Judiciary during the Watergate scandal. Under the guidance of Chief Counsel John Doar and senior member Bernard Nussbaum, Rodham helped research procedures of impeachment and the historical grounds and standards for impeachment. The committee's work culminated in the resignation of President Richard Nixon in August 1974. In August 1974, she moved to Fayetteville, Arkansas, and became one of only two female faculty members in the School of Law at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville,[58][59] where Bill Clinton also was. She gave classes in criminal law, where she was considered a rigorous teacher and tough grader, and was the first director of the school's legal aid clinic. She still harbored doubts about marriage, concerned that her separate identity would be lost and that her accomplishments would be viewed in the light of someone else's.

Early Arkansas years

Hillary Rodham and Bill Clinton lived in this 980 square feet (91 m2) house in the Hillcrest neighborhood of Little Rock from 1977 to 1979 while he was Arkansas Attorney General. Hillary Rodham and Bill Clinton bought a house in Fayetteville in the summer of 1975, and Hillary finally agreed to marry.
She was born on October 26, 1947.

(Note: One reader questioned using Wikipedia as a source which I believe to be a fair one. You will find the same information at the National First Ladies Library site.)

Can someone please tell me when Hillary Diane Rodham lived in Scranton??? WTF?? There isn't one mention of Scranton on Wikipedia.

I forgot. We are back to Kanjorski's statement where we stretch the facts to win an election. Next thing you know she was related to Jim Thorpe.

Talk about lying to the public. No wonder Todd Eachus was Master of Ceremonies.


Patrick said...

While I am not debating your information I find it lame and unprofessional to site wikipedia for any serious information. Sure, it a good starter site to head you on the right path, but it is wrong a lot and can be changed by any public person.

I would like to see some more credible sources sited in order to make my decisions.

McGruff said...

Sure Patrick. How about this source, The National First Ladies Library?

As you can see her father was born in Scranton, not her.

I just used Wikipedia because it was easy to copy and paste but knew the information was correct.

Thanks for stopping by.