Thursday, October 14, 2010

Letter To Editor Times Leader On Eachus

Eachus gains no respect with ad targeting women

I am very disturbed by the state Rep. Todd Eachus’ latest TV spot: two women in a beauty parlor. It’s very apparent Mr. Eachus’ campaign team feels it needs to shore up a stronger vote among women; but by portraying women as a bunch of mindless gossips in a beauty parlor?

And if that’s not bad enough, then having the commercial end while the women giggle over a photo of Eachus, suggestion being he is some sort of “sex symbol?” Are you kidding me?

These are serious times and we need ethical, honorable people in Harrisburg who will reduce property taxes and bring family-sustaining jobs to the 116th District. Mr. Eachus’ campaign has completely missed the mark with this commercial, as all it accomplishes is to reduce the women of our community to mere gossips and a gender that giggles over boys.

I am sorry, but I don’t find an unemployment rate of more than 13 percent in the region humorous. Nor do I find it humorous that Mr. Eachus voted himself a pay raise and he now rakes in more than $100,000, not to mention $27,000 in per diems he took in 2009. And I definitely do not find it humorous that he reportedly took $17,000 in campaign donations over the years from admitted felon Bob Powell, and apparently has yet to return the money.

The bottom line is this: You know what the female gender of our area wants to see, Mr. Eachus? How about a debate on the issues? Mr. Eachus has been ducking a debate from attorney Tarah Toohil since August. The “fairer sex” wishes to see that, not mindless women yapping nonsense at the beauty shop.

It’s not 1950 any more, Mr. Eachus.

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