Sunday, October 17, 2010

Legislators Need More Time To Campaign

Here is a memo posted on

Good afternoon,
Reps. McCall, Eachus & Dermody asked me to forward this memo to you concerning an update to the session schedule. If you need additional information please contact me.
TO: House Democratic Members
FROM: Keith R. McCall, Speaker
Todd A. Eachus, Majority Leader
Frank Dermody, Majority Whip

DATE: October 16, 2010
Monday, October 18 is now a non-voting session day.

No floor votes will be taken, and Members will not need to return to Harrisburg.

Our next scheduled voting session day remains November 8.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

How about apologizing to the citizens who you are taking advantage of by not giving them their money's worth?

That's what $78,314.00 per year gets the voters. Plus fully paid healthcare, plus pension, plus perdiem, plus car, plus $10,000 expenses, plus taxes up the wazooo. What is going on here is the fight of their lives in individual campaigns and the ability to fork the voters to ask for their vote to return them to Harrisburg. You know what happens to Pinnochio in the story right? Since Mr. McCall retired it appears Tarah Toohil has Todd Eachus really worried about his chances.

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