Thursday, October 28, 2010

Eachus- Frequent Flyer On Air Corruption?

In today's Times Leader there is a story by Steve Mocarsky that questions Todd Eachus's claims that he only received one ride on now admitted felon Robert Powell's jet, media coined "Air Corruption".

Contrary to a statement from state House Majority Leader Todd Eachus’ spokesman, Eachus made more than one flight on a jet owned by admitted felon Robert Powell, according to sources.

Eachus, D-Butler Township, was aboard the 1981 Sabreliner 65 for at least part of a flight from Hazleton to Allegheny County to Harrisburg, back to Allegheny County and back to Hazleton on Dec. 27, 2006, the sources said.

Last week, Eachus confirmed that he took a round-trip on the jet from Harrisburg to Hazleton and back for a press conference to announce a development plan for a cargo airport near Hazleton on Jan. 31, 2007.

Through his campaign spokesman, Dave Georges, Eachus said last week that was his only time on the jet.

For months SOP has been reporting that close sources relayed similar information about multiple flights. It isn't so much that Eachus flew on Powell's jet. It is the fact that he failed to report it on his Ethics Commission filings. Only he can answer why.

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