Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Press Release from The Committee To Elect Tarah Toohil:

Hazleton, PA- On Tuesday, candidate for State Representative in the 116th Legislative District, Tarah Toohil, called upon her opponent to forfeit all money that he had accepted from felons. Specifically, Toohil cited that Mr. Eachus had collected over $17,000.00 from admitted felon Bob Powell.

“It is wrong that Mr. Eachus has not returned the large sums of money that he accepted from Bob Powell. It is customary that any monies accepted from felons should be forfeited and donated to charity. It is also the ethical thing to do.”

“Mr. Eachus continues to not answer questions with regard to his ties to felon Bob Powell and others.” Toohil stated, “This community will no longer tolerate a state representative who is so embroiled in the culture of corruption. It will no longer accept a leader who refuses to be accountable and transparent. This community is done with old school politics.”

Toohil also noted that, “The money which Mr. Eachus took from Bob Powell clearly points to a pay to play scheme whereby Mr. Eachus then inserted a $16.5 MILLION dollar authorization for the cargo airport in a House bill listing projects under the Pennsylvania Gaming Economic Development and Tourism Fund. Mr. Eachus had openly supported the cargo airport and had proudly pushed the project with now admitted criminal Bob Powell. Eachus later backed out and has been trying to distance himself from the deal.”

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