Saturday, October 30, 2010

What's Wrong With Our Schools

Voter backlash over the promise of property tax relief in Pennsylvania is genuine. A little known fact is at the bottom of it. Most of our property tax relief was given to school districts. A small portion is received to those who FILE for the Homestead Act reduction. If you don't file it's snooze you lose.

Its a struggle in this state between the taxpayers and the unions. The unions lobby heavily in the Legislature for their agenda. In this case they were able to get the Legislature to steer our money to school districts so that contract negotiations could include better pay and benefits. Mind you better pay is what we all aspire for but in this case it is not tied to performance.

Read this story that appears in today's Wall Street Journal titled "The Education Manifesto". Learn how two people, one a politician made the selfless choice to fix what was wrong with the Washington D.C. school system at their peril. It teaches all of us what is necessary to accomplish the goal of better education for our children, rewarding the good teachers and getting rid of the bad ones. The Legislature should abolish tenure in the school systems.

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