Saturday, October 16, 2010

Doctors Join Barletta, Former NY Gov. Pataki In Calling For Repeal Of Healthcare Law

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HAZLETONLocal doctors joined U.S. Congressional candidate Hazleton Mayor Lou Barletta and former New York Gov. George Pataki in calling for the repeal of the new healthcare law.

Dr. Victor F. Greco, one of Pennsylvania's most respected voices for quality health care during and after his distinguished 30-year career as a general and thoracic surgeon, and Dr. Mark Puffenberger, a 20-year family practitioner in the Wilkes-Barre area, said the new healthcare law will dramatically affect patient care. Also participating was Donna Baver Rovito, a longtime advocate for quality health care in Pennsylvania who served on the board of the Pennsylvania Medical Society's political action committee and as legislation chair for the Pennsylvania Medical Society Alliance.

“We are going to see the word ‘cost-effective’ play a bigger role in healthcare decisions,” Dr. Greco said. “I’m very concerned about the lack of primary care physicians when you add 32 million new patients. The shortage means physician’s assistants and nurse practitioners will take over healthcare. They do great work, but they don’t have the background and training a doctor has.”

Dr. Puffenberger said, “I’m very concerned that patients are going to spend a lot of time waiting to see a physician. The thought of having coverage for everyone is a great thought, but there is already a primary care physician shortage, and this law will make that worse.”

Gov. Pataki said, “Today, our freedom is in danger again. It is in danger because we have politicians in Washington passing laws that are taking away our freedoms. We need to repeal Obamacare and replace it with true reform. Under this law, more than four million senior citizens will see their Medicare Advantage taken from them. That’s what this law does.”

Gov. Pataki also criticized Lou Barletta’s opponent, 26-year incumbent Congressman Paul Kanjorski, saying, “ I guarantee you that he today could not tell you what’s in Obamacare. I encourage everyone, regardless of party, to vote for Lou Barletta.”

Lou Barletta thanked the doctors and Gov. Pataki for his support. “We are at a crossroads in this country’s history and time is running out. We thought our voices were heard about this healthcare bill. Citizens from coast to coast opposed this bill. But the administration and Paul Kanjorski didn’t stop. They didn’t pause. They passed this bill anyway, against the will of the people.

“The new healthcare law must be stopped before it does any more harm. It should be defunded, if not repealed entirely. I support parts of the law – allowing children to remain on their parents’ policies through age 26, and extending coverage for those with pre-existing conditions. However, the final law overreaches and isn’t worth the cost – either in its tax increases or in the $500 billion cut to Medicare. Healthcare decisions should be made between a patient and a doctor, without government interference,” Barletta added.

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